Stamping Dies - Design, Build, Tryout - Stamping Tooling

AM Specialties has been building metal stamping dies for over 30 years. We are a single source, as well as a quality source, for metal stamping dies, prototype and production stamped parts. Stamping die design is the preliminary phase in stamping tool and die making and is carried out as soon as the component design is finished. At this stage, it is critical to generate a good quality stamping die CAD blueprint which can generate accurate parts that run for an extended time with less maintenance. We work closely with our customers in this tool design phase, as it calls for selecting the required metal stamping operations, basic strip layout, manufacturing processes, type of stamping presses to be used and so on. It is necessary for a tool designer to have thorough knowledge of these elements to construct a fine die design. Our collaborative and comprehensive approach results in eliminating the stress and risk of outsourcing to multiple suppliers for stampings and tooling.

  • Progressive Die Heater Tank Aluminum
  • Progressive Dies Bracket Aluminum

AM Specialties has been a trusted supplier of metal stampings to automotive manufacturers, aerospace, medical, and general industry which has developed die knowledge and expertise in an array of metals. Working with light and heavy gauge steel, steel plate, and stainless steel to aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and titanium are all within our capabilities. Let us transform your concept into a finished part with just-in-time (JIT) delivery to your plant.

Complete In-House Stamping Die Design and Build

A well-equipped machining area enables us to fabricate all of our dies in-house. Our team of experts will manage the design, engineering, die build, repair, and qualification. CNC machining centers along with wire EDM, prototyping, and tool and die build assure replication of your geometry in the final product. Our experienced toolmakers provide real-time feedback to our designers on tool and die performance, and to perform the proper services to all of the dies that we run in-house.

We consistently manufacture quality stamping tooling that:

  • Maintains Consistent Cutting Clearances
  • Provides Extended Stamping Die Life
  • Delivers Consistent Parts to Your Exact Specifications
  • Adds Value to Your End Product

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